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Fear of Negative Comments

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Healing From Within

It’s time for the anti-vaxxers to take responsibility and get vaccinated.

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Or are they deeply meaningful experiences?

Meaningfully related events connect. / Image: PublicDomainPictures/Pixabay

Are These Just Coincidences?

Hint: They are all around you.

Opportunities are all around you. Image: johnhain/Pixabay

Opportunities Are All Around You

Why self-help is a valuable tool. Even if you think it isn’t.

Hurray! I don’t have to do it perfectly! / Image: Myriams-Fotos/Pixabay

In Defense of Self-Help

Find out which Angel rules over your astrological sign.

Celestial Guidance is always available./Alexas_Fotos/Pixabay

Angels of the Zodiac

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Evading my inner critic.

Penny pinching will not help you.

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Money Mind-Set

When it comes to the homeless, the little things can make the biggest difference.

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Charlotte Allison, M.A.

Master of Arts degree in spiritual psychology. Writing is a tool for healing. When you heal your self, you help to heal the planet as well.

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