Writers: Get to Know Yourself Better With Stream of Consciousness Writing

Not only will stream of consciousness writing move you into creativity, it will help you live an examined life full of meaning and purpose.

Charlotte Allison, M.A.


You will come to know yourself on a deep intimate level with stream of consciousness writing. / Image by StockSnap on Pixabay

The unexamined life is not worth living. — Socrates

Why three pages of stream of consciousness writing every morning?

Because the unexamined life is deprived of meaning and purpose, as Socrates so famously stated. Socrates declared that our true self is our soul.

Shakespeare said it best: To thine own self be true.

Yet, how can you be true to yourself if you don’t even know who that self is?

That is what three pages of stream of consciousness writing every morning will answer for you. Also known as morning pages, stream of consciousness writing will guide you to your true self.

Most people go through life thinking they know themselves. When in fact they are just living the life they were given. A life that is based on society’s rules, rather than their own internal promptings.

Is it my own internal compass that points the way or is it society’s?

— Socrates

Morning pages are a tool for self-exploration. They will help you become aware of your own subconscious processes. The pages are your internal guidance system. I’ve been writing them myself for 20 plus years now.


With three pages of stream of consciousness writing every morning, you will come to know yourself on a deep intimate level. Things buried in your subconscious will be brought to the surface.

Through your awareness you will realize that some things that you didn’t think were a really big deal, were in fact deeply significant and had a much bigger impact on your life than you ever realized before.

For example, one summer when I was a young teenager on vacation with my family, an incident occurred while we were in the hotel swimming pool.



Charlotte Allison, M.A.

Master of Arts degree in spiritual psychology. Writing is a tool for healing. When you heal your self, you help to heal the planet as well.